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A Quick Note from Ray Hussa

The questions one might ask, why should I buy a horse or a share in a horse from you guys?

Do they ever win?   What is your track record anyway, and what is the cost? What if I want one hundred percent of my own horse; could you find me such a thoroughbred?  If so, do you work with any other agents?  Do you employ a winning trainer? Did you run a horse in the Kentucky Oaks or Kentucky Derby this year?  Will you ever win one of those races?

The answers:

You should buy into our partnerships because this stable has had EIGHT first out winners. The most recent one, Tiz Buff, won his first lifetime start at 29-1 and just ran second at 22-1.

Yes, we win often. Can you name any other stable which won in the same year with BOTH of the world's leading riders?  Russell Baze won race #9997 aboard Troy Fan and Jorge Ricardo won at Palermo with Boebe (Arg). Baze retired with 12,842 wins. Ricardo is only behind Baze by 32 wins. He vows to break this record, but recently broke something else... his leg!

What is the cost to join one of our partnerships?  It's lower than any other group which has a legitimate athlete. In fact, it is lower than what this writer paid for a share in 1982!

Want your own horse?  No problem,  just write a bigger check.  We bought only one horse in the past two years for Amerman Racing, Baciami Piccola.  What did she do?  Won the $200K Florida Oaks in her first start in the USA, and was bred this year to Flintshire.

Other agents?  Tim McMurry has been an adviser here for thirty seven years. In Europe, we work with only one agent, Andy Smith. There is no room here to list all of the stakes winners Smith has selected for racing in the USA, including graded SWs like Baciami Piccola.

Any winning trainer?  D Wayne Lukas, the biggest name of all time, got Jury Box to win by eleven lengths under Mike Smith for Green Hill Stables and partners, then resold him for a huge profit for the same partners. Barclay Tagg trained a filly for us chosen by a Tim McMurry.  Then Tagg won the Kentucky Derby for a group of owners which included our client Eric Dattner.  Ricardo Perez will ring the bell this year with Royal Lookin (KY) Interested?  Ring our phone or email us!

The Oaks and Derby this year?  No we didn't run, but we picked the horses for our clients which ran first and second in both races, including recommending the winning Oaks-Derby double play.

Next year, we hope to ship Royal Lookin for the Oaks. It might be another Oaks race in your city!

Ray A Hussa

Green Hill Stables, an Idaho company, was formed in Coeur d'Alene in 1995. In 2008 Ray Hussa became the General Partner of Green Hill Stables, LLC, along with investor Darrell Lewis. The stable offers their partners shares in Thoroughbred Horses at a reasonable price.


Tom Bell and Ray Hussa syndicated Jury Box. This colt, originally purchased for $ 10,000, was sold by D. Wayne Lukas for $ 350,000.00 after he won by eleven lengths at Hollywood Park. In addition, Efrain (Arg) won five consecutive races. High Caste won her first start at Santa Anita and Hidden Magic (GB) placed in the Will Rogers Stakes, GR-2.  Le Weaver won by nine at Emerald Downs, defeating a field of colts. She was the first starter for Caren English.

 The Two Year Old Filly Trifecta 

Green Hills Stables, LLC

RAY A. HUSSA, General Partner - DARRELL LEWIS, Partner

Ray A. Hussa, General Partner of Green Hill Stables, LLC

Ray keeping fit.

Office Manager Caren English in Lexington with exercise rider Brooke
Office Manager Caren English in Lexington 
with exercise rider Brooke.

Ray Hussa with Anita Alfieri and Julio Canani at Hollywood Park.
Above, Ray Hussa with Anita Alfieri
and Julio Canani at Hollywood Park.

Thomas R. Bell Jr. (cener) with Lester Piggott and Vincent O'Brien
Advisor Thomas R. Bell Jr. (center) with
Lester Piggott and Vincent O’Brien.

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 About Thoroughbreds

The Thoroughbred is a horse breed best known for its use in horse racing. Although the word thoroughbred is sometimes used to refer to any breed of purebred horse, it technically refers only to the Thoroughbred breed. Thoroughbreds are considered "hot-blooded" horses, known for their agilityspeed and spirit.

The Thoroughbred as it is known today was developed in 17th and 18th-century England, when native mares were crossbred with imported Oriental stallions of Arabian, Barb, and Turkoman breeding. All modern Thoroughbred race horses can trace their pedigrees to three stallions originally imported into England in the 17th century and 18th century, and to a larger number of foundation mares of mostly English breeding. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Thoroughbred breed spread throughout the world; they were imported into North America starting in 1730 and into Australia, Europe, Japan and South America during the 19th century. Millions of Thoroughbreds exist today, and more than 118,000 foals are registered each year worldwide.

Thoroughbreds are used mainly for racing, but are also bred for other riding disciplines such as show jumping, combined training, dressage, polo, and fox hunting. They are also commonly crossbred to create new breeds or to improve existing ones, and have been influential in the creation of the Quarter Horse, Standardbred, Anglo-Arabian, and various warmblood breeds.